FSSC 24000 helps your business to enhance your management systems, safeguard your brand, and foster a sustainable global landscape.

In today's global marketplace, the demand for products and services produced with social responsibility in mind has never been higher. The FSSC 24000 scheme stands as a beacon for organisations within the manufacturing and processing sectors, spanning both food and non-food industries. It offers a structured approach to social management systems, enabling companies to meet regulatory requirements and enhance their overall sustainability performance.

FSSC 24000 is a social management system scheme tailored to aid organisations within the consumer goods industry in fulfilling social sustainability and performance mandates. This scheme serves as an audit and certification framework for social management systems, aligned with the ISO MS methodology. By leveraging FSSC 24000, organisations can enhance their management systems, safeguard their brands, propel business impact, and actively contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined by the United Nations, thereby fostering a more sustainable global landscape.

At its core, FSSC 24000 incorporates the internationally recognised, independent standard PAS 24000 - specification for social management systems. Both PAS 24000 and FSSC 24000 documents are available for download via the FSSC website.

FSSC 24000 Overview

  • Developed for the consumer goods industry's social sustainability.
  • Incorporates PAS 24000 standard for Social Management Systems.
  • Applicable in manufacturing, processing, and related services.
  • Adheres to ISO MS approach, aiding management system enhancement.
  • Drives continuous improvement, enabling integration with other ISO systems. 

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