Australia Bans Small High Powered Magnets

Under the Australian Consumer Protection Notice No. 5 of 2012, a permanent ban on certain consumer goods containing small, high powered magnets has been imposed. This permanent ban has entered into force on November 15, 2012.

The Challenge:

According to the Notice, any separable or loose magnetic objects that are supplied in multiples of two or more where:

  1. at least two of those magnetic objects are each separately able to fit entirely, in any orientation, into the small parts cylinder as per AS/NZS ISO 8124.1:2010
  2. at least two of those magnetic objects each separately have a magnetic flux index greater than 50 (kG)2 mm2, determined as per AS/NZS ISO 8124.1:2010
  3. the magnetic objects are marketed by the supplier as, or supplied for use as,
    1. a toy, game or puzzle (including but not limited to an adult desk toy, an educational toy or game, a toy, game or puzzle for mental stimulation or stress relief); or
    2. a construction or modelling kit1; or
    3. jewellery to be worn in or around the mouth or nose.

1: A construction or modelling kit containing small high powered magnets which is not used, or likely to be used, for personal, domestic or household use will not be subject to this permanent ban.

The Solution:

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