Unmasking Cyber Threats to Critical Infrastructure

Get insights into critical infrastructure vulnerabilities in the digital age. Explore energy, healthcare, and transportation sectors, and understand the growing threat of cyberattacks via the supply chain.

White Paper: Grid Interconnections in the US and Canada

Discover the link between grid interconnection standards in the United States and Canada with our exclusive white paper. Gain insights into the pivotal regulations shaping energy exchange and learn how harmonized standards foster a more reliable, efficient, and sustainable grid.

White Paper: Global Grid Code Evaluations

Intertek assists manufacturers in navigating the diverse safety standards for grid-connected inverters across different countries. With expertise in photovoltaic and energy storage inverter markets, we develop tailored testing procedures to ensure compliance with global grid code requirements, facilitating market entry and product acceptance worldwide.

Impact of Plant Cycling on HRSG Reliability

This paper underscores the critical consideration of the true cost associated with cycling combined cycle power plants, emphasizing damage mechanisms expected in heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) and balance of plant components due to operational cycling.

High Energy Piping Walkdowns in Compliance with ASME B31.1

This paper discusses high energy piping (HEP) system walkdown requirements and guidelines in compliance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) B31.1 Code.

Optimization of Battery Life and its Predictability in IoT Applications

Cities globally are embracing "smart" solutions to enhance traffic flow, cut emissions, and optimize space usage. In the realm of smart networks, reliability is paramount. Battery reliability, in particular, is crucial for ensuring the seamless operation of these systems.

Download The Road to ‘Net Zero’ White Paper

In the urgent fight against climate change, the focus is on halting and not just reducing carbon emissions. With the Paris Agreement's 1.5°C target and 'net zero' goals, businesses and governments face mounting pressure to take action and be accountable for their carbon footprint.

Whitepaper | Tank Calibration Using Laser Scanning Technology

In this whitepaper, our Tank Calibration expert, Nigel McKeown, delves into Intertek's innovative ScanCal program. The paper offers insights into the program's state-of-the-art features, resulting outputs, and a comparative analysis with traditional methods, showcasing the benefits it brings to customers.

Resistivity and Life Evaluation of a Flow Battery

This report analyzes the life estimation of a vanadium redox flow battery, focusing on the degradation of the ion exchange membrane measured through resistivity. The goal is to assess whether the battery can achieve a minimum of 9,000 cycles.

The Process Approach: Adding Business Value and Minimising Risks

Embrace the Process Approach as more than just compliance. It's a philosophy for efficient results. This whitepaper introduces tools like the Turtle Diagram and SWOT Analysis to support strategic objectives and foster an improvement mindset.

The ISO 45001:2018 Migration

Stay updated on OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001 migration. Our whitepaper highlights key changes and explains the transition process for maintaining certified Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.

Understanding Operational Life of Lithium Ion Batteries

Explore battery energy storage systems (BESS) and their failure mechanisms in this paper. Learn about lithium-ion battery issues and discover a case study showing how operational changes can affect asset life.

Global Grid Code Evaluations & Compliance

As technology progresses, renewable energy product standards, such as IEEE 1547 and IEEE 2030, evolve. Grid connection standards, like UL 1741SA and California Rule 21, are crucial for compliance. While many countries have similar grid standards, differences exist, impacting photovoltaic, wind, and energy storage markets.

Data Science When Applied to Plant Operations and Cost of Cycling White Paper

Data Science is vital in the energy field, covering data collection, analysis, and visualization. This whitepaper focuses on energy generation but highlights data science's role in every aspect of the energy process.

Battery Storage Technologies in the Power Plant Market White Paper

Energy storage is crucial to address the growing demand for electricity and the rise of variable renewable generation. It offers flexibility for ancillary services like frequency response, voltage support, and more.

Compatibility Testing and Life Estimation of Non-Metallic Materials White Paper

This paper examines the utilization of Non-Metallic Materials in oilfield applications, highlighting their desirable attributes and potential vulnerabilities. It emphasizes the importance of understanding material interactions with the environment to mitigate failure risks. Various testing approaches, including accelerated testing, are explored, supported by recent test program examples.

Overview of the new standards BS 1363: 2016 13 A Plugs, Socket-Outlets, Adapators, Fused Connection Units and Conversion plugs

The 2016 reissue of BS 1363 introduces significant changes, especially for plugs and socket-outlets. This white paper provides an overview of the new standards, covering all five parts of BS 1363, including 13 A Plugs, Socket-Outlets, Adapters, Fused Connection Units, and Conversion Plugs.

Fitness-for-Service Evaluation of the Off-Gas Scrubber Chemical Plant

This project aimed to evaluate the fitness-for-service of the off-gas scrubber at the Choctaw Plant. Discover the findings from the Tolerable Flaw Analysis in our report.

Welding Procedure Qualification Records and Welder Qualifications - Myth vs Fact

Explore our bulletin series on Welding Procedure Qualification Records & Welder Qualifications. Part one debunks myths vs. facts about ASME IX, SANS 347, and AWS D1.1.

Whitepaper: How Do You Know Your Storage Tanks Are Safe and Reliable?

This white paper discusses API 653 specifications, emphasizing the significance of tank maintenance and highlighting various technical services for tank reliability, safety, and compliance.

Asset Failure - Failure Analysis and Forensic Engineering

This white paper underscores the critical importance of avoiding asset failure, highlighting the risks to production and safety. It outlines various expert services available for failure investigation, including consultancy, root cause analysis, and laboratory testing.

Assure Quality Through Vendor Auditing and Surveillance

Vendor audits and surveillance enhance process control, manage risks, and boost asset performance. This white paper explores inspector qualifications, certifications, and the benefits of integrating audits and surveillance into your quality management process.

Environmental Testing: Corrosive by Nature

This paper helps understanding what environmental factors will compromise your product down the line, will help you improve its design and make it more robust and less prone to avoidable failures.

White Paper: Maximize Productivity and Minimize Downtime

Maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime are critical steps to ensuring efficient operations, improved output and optimal return on investments.

Top-8 FAQs of Failure Analysis

Failure analysis investigates the root cause of product, component, or asset failures. It offers insights to solve issues, take corrective measures, and prevent recurrence. Explore the top 8 FAQs for a better understanding of the process, including what it includes, why something broke, and its ability to pinpoint the exact cause.

Technical Resources - Right People, Right Place, Right Time White Paper

Intertek offers global recruitment solutions, ensuring the right personnel for complex projects, saving time and money.

Using ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Join over 1.1 million certified organizations and leverage QMS/EMS for business growth, market-entry, and supplier relationships through ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 certification.

Advanced Non-Destructive Testing vs Conventional Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing (NDT), also called NDI or NDE, assesses components for flaws without damage. Used in manufacturing and in-service checks for defects like fatigue cracks, the method chosen depends on the component's potential issues.

Want a Long Life? So Do Your Assets. We'll Tell You How.

This white paper explains the technical services for assessing asset condition, improving maintenance and reliability, extending asset lifespan, ensuring efficiency, and preventing failures.