White Paper: European Union Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)

EU Regulation 2023/956 introduces the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, mandating importers to report emissions of goods into the EU from Oct 1, 2023.

White Paper: Satellite™ Data Acceptance Program

Discover how Intertek's Satellite™ data acceptance program streamlines product safety testing and approval, reducing costs and time to market for manufacturers.

White Paper: Elements of a Successful Quality Assurance Program

Modern Quality Assurance programs are far more than the random lot inspections of decades ago. Today's regulators and buyers are far more sophisticated and in-tune with what goes into making a safer, higher quality, more desirable product overall. This white paper provides an overview to many of the key aspects of a sound Quality Assurance program.

Unmasking Cyber Threats to Critical Infrastructure

Get insights into critical infrastructure vulnerabilities in the digital age. Explore energy, healthcare, and transportation sectors, and understand the growing threat of cyberattacks via the supply chain.

Information Security Risks in the Automotive Supply Chain

Download our whitepaper to learn more about the complexities of the global automotive supply chain and the role of third-party certifications in ensuring resilience and sustainability. Gain insights into key certifications, including ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO20000-1, ISO 22301, TISAX, the upcoming ISO 42001, and their benefits.

White Paper: Grid Interconnections in the US and Canada

Discover the link between grid interconnection standards in the United States and Canada with our exclusive white paper. Gain insights into the pivotal regulations shaping energy exchange and learn how harmonized standards foster a more reliable, efficient, and sustainable grid.

White Paper: Global Grid Code Evaluations

Intertek assists manufacturers in navigating the diverse safety standards for grid-connected inverters across different countries. With expertise in photovoltaic and energy storage inverter markets, we develop tailored testing procedures to ensure compliance with global grid code requirements, facilitating market entry and product acceptance worldwide.

Manufacturer's Guide to Construction Products Testing

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements for your construction products. This guide offers insights into product certification marks, preventing job site issues and border delays.

Functional Safety: Overview and Methods

Intertek offers expertise in functional safety systems across all stages - design, safety chain management, performance assessments, and more.

The Definitive Q&A Guide for North American Product Certification

Selling in North America? Get your product tested and certified by recognized independent bodies for safety compliance. Our guide answers FAQs and offers tips for faster market entry.

White Paper: Determining Flammable Refrigerant Ignition Sources

As HVAC manufacturers are shifting to alternative refrigerants to meet regulatory requirements in the market, unfamiliar construction challenges may arise. When designing a product to align with the standard requirements, it is necessary to understand the ignition sources present that may result in a fire or explosion hazard within the appliance, the room or space it is conditioning, and connected ducts.

CSA 22.2 No. 286, Revisions to the Standard

Discover the significant revisions to CSA 22.2 No. 286 standard and their impact on your business.

White Paper: Refrigerant Detection Sensor Requirements for HVACR Equipment

HVAC and refrigeration appliances that utilize a flammable refrigerant may require Refrigerant Detection to meet installation code requirements. If Refrigerant Detection is provided with these appliances, they must meet all the design and test requirements provided in the latest industry safety standards.

White Paper Download: "Evolution of the Home Healthcare Market and Medical Device Compliance"

The rise in home healthcare is shaping the future, impacting services and devices. Manufacturers must address differences in professional and home settings, understanding unique risks. Explore these variances in our white paper for compliance readiness and market advantage.

Short Circuit Ratings for Industrial Control Panels

Ensure SCCR compliance with our short circuit current ratings white paper. Learn how to calculate and safeguard your industrial control panels.