Polymer Rheology Testing Case Study: Supporting Formulation & Product Development

Polymer rheology testing aids in optimizing product formulations and process conditions. Case study highlights HA gel development benefits.

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) for On- and Off-Electric Grid Applications

This paper explores the electric grid's role as a just-in-time supply system, emphasizing the critical need for balance between electricity generation and consumption to prevent disruptions. Topics include grid applications, opportunities, and operational overviews of large battery energy storage systems.

What You Need to Know: U.S. and Canadian Requirements for Windows and Doors

Navigate the complex requirements for fenestration components in the U.S. and Canadian markets with our white paper. Gain clarity on essential steps and considerations for market entry.

White Paper Download: Evaluation of Toothbrush Performance

In vitro methods enhance oral care product development, assessing toothbrush design for cleaning performance through the pellicle cleaning ratio test (PCR). Download the whitepaper to explore this testing approach's potential in comparing toothbrushes of varying designs.

White Paper: Requirements for Elemental Impurities Testing

This paper highlights the significance of testing for elemental impurities in the drug development process to ensure product safety. It discusses the importance of conducting risk assessments and adhering to applicable standards, particularly the USP <232> and USP <233> standards aligned with ICH guidelines.

Overview of the new standards BS 1363: 2016 13 A Plugs, Socket-Outlets, Adapators, Fused Connection Units and Conversion plugs

The 2016 reissue of BS 1363 introduces significant changes, especially for plugs and socket-outlets. This white paper provides an overview of the new standards, covering all five parts of BS 1363, including 13 A Plugs, Socket-Outlets, Adapters, Fused Connection Units, and Conversion Plugs.

Fitness-for-Service Evaluation of the Off-Gas Scrubber Chemical Plant

This project aimed to evaluate the fitness-for-service of the off-gas scrubber at the Choctaw Plant. Discover the findings from the Tolerable Flaw Analysis in our report.

Gas Appliance Regulations: Guidance for Implementation of GAR vs. GAD

This will introduce changes to the existing requirements laid out in the Gas Appliances Directive 2009/142/EC.

Stationary Engine Generator Assemblies: Compliance to ANSI/UL 2200 & ANSI/ULC 2200

This fact sheet on ANSI/UL 2200 & ULC 2200 helps navigate certification questions for stationary engine generator assemblies, ensuring safe progress.

IECEx Non-Electrical: Regulatory Guide to Non-Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Locations

ISO and IEC have introduced new global standards, building upon the ATEX Directive, for non-electrical equipment under the IECEx scheme. These standards will assess non-electrical hazards in Ex equipment used in North America.

White Paper: The EU Biocides Product Regulation 528/2012

In 2012, the EU Parliament adopted the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR to enhance the evaluation and authorization process for biocidal products. This regulation harmonizes rules for biocide availability and use, establishing criteria for active substances, product authorization, mutual recognition, and simplified procedures. By replacing directives with directly transposable and binding regulations, the BPR ensures uniform risk controls across the EU.

Trace Analytical Methods and Techniques for Testing Extractables and Leachables

Explore trace level analysis in pharma: critical for E&L testing. This white paper navigates standards, challenges, solutions, and case studies.

IoT Product Design

Designing IoT products requires balancing functionality, interoperability, and cybersecurity to mitigate cyber risks and optimize product utility.

Extractables and Leachables Testing: An Introduction and Strategies in Current Practice

Our white paper explores E&L testing's importance in safeguarding drug product integrity. Gain insights, strategies, and benefits for seamless testing and market acceleration.

Patent Litigation and Product Liability: The Benefits of Partnering with a CRO

In cases of patent litigation or product liability, attorneys and consultants seek optimal outcomes for their clients by leveraging comprehensive resources, data, and expertise, as detailed in our white paper which outlines how engagement with a contract research organization (CRO) can deliver the necessary testing, analysis, and expert witness services for a successful resolution.

ASTM E84: Smoke Variability and Smoke Area Calibration

Intertek maintains ASTM E84 accreditation at four labs in North America and Asia. They reviewed equipment, procedures, and the standard itself to understand SDI result variability.

Welding Procedure Qualification Records and Welder Qualifications - Myth vs Fact

Explore our bulletin series on Welding Procedure Qualification Records & Welder Qualifications. Part one debunks myths vs. facts about ASME IX, SANS 347, and AWS D1.1.

Use of Portable Electrical Devices in Zone 1 & Zone 2 Hazardous Areas

Discover the added risks associated with portable electrical equipment in hazardous areas in our North American edition. Explore safety measures for assessing and testing devices like smartphones, PDAs, and tablets.

White Paper: REACH Registration of Gases – Applications in Raman Spectroscopy

The REACH Regulation mandates comprehensive analysis of chemicals for import or production in Europe. While various techniques exist for characterizing solids and liquids, gas analysis options are limited. Raman spectroscopy emerges as a valuable tool for gas analysis, providing effective substance identification data for REACH compliance.