Identify Potential Risks and Stay Compliant with a Comprehensive Arc Flash Program

Discover how to safeguard your facility and employees from costly Arc Flash accidents. Download our guide to assess risks, ensure compliance, and implement practical solutions.

Guide to Compliance with FMVSS 108 Update for Automotive Lighting

This article discusses the modifications to FMVSS 108 by NHTSA in December 2012, raising questions about testing requirements. It covers 13 key changes, remaining areas for interpretation, FMVSS 108 review process introduction, and differences between U.S. FMVSS 108 and Canadian CMVSS 108.

Understanding EN 71-3 New Chemical Migration Limits in Toys and Childcare Items

The European Toy Safety Directive (2009/48/EC) underwent a major revision in 2009, with chemical aspects applying from 2013. The revised EN 71-3 Standard has implications for toys and related articles in the EU market. This paper discusses compliance implications for manufacturers, importers, and retailers.

The Evolving Code Evaluation Process

Discover the code evaluation process for approving alternative materials in the built environment in this white paper by Michael Beaton, P.E., originally authored in August 2016. Learn about options for manufacturers and code officials.

The Recast RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU

Explore the major changes in the new RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU) in our white paper. Understand your obligations as a manufacturer, importer, or distributor, including demonstrating compliance for CE marking in the Technical Construction File.

Using Failure Analysis as a Means to Improve Product Quality

Intertek's white paper offers insight into the importance of Failure Analysis in Aerospace and Defense manufacturing, aiding in identifying root causes and enhancing engineering decisions. As industry leaders, we provide cost-effective solutions to optimize production cycles and reduce failures at various stages.

Assessing Non-Electrical Equipment for Explosion Safety & ATEX Certification

Manufacturers incorporating non-electrical ignition sources in ATEX electrical equipment must assess them for CE Marking under the ATEX Directive. Compliance is crucial.