10 Tips for Efficient Successful Hazloc Product Approval

Get your Hazloc product approved faster! Download our white paper for 10 tips to streamline certification and reduce time to market.

Becoming a Listed Alarm Service Company

Unlock growth opportunities for your alarm service company with our 'Becoming a Listed Alarm Service Company' white paper.

Testing & Compliance Requirements For Robotic Medical Devices

The widespread use and acceptance of robots across the healthcare industry is creating a number of opportunities for medical device manufacturers. It's also creating a number of questions when it comes to product testing and compliance. Our new FAQ answers many of those with help from our leading experts in regulatory compliance for medical robots.

Approaching ESG in the Automotive Sector

Discover in this white paper the significance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles as indicators of sustainability commitment. Explore how ESG reporting supports goal-setting, performance measurement, and risk assessment. Gain insights into the importance of ESG for automotive suppliers facing OEM self-assessment requirements, and understand its impact on strategy and returns.

Automated Mobile Platforms: UL/ULC 3100

Explore Automated Mobile Platforms (AMPs) and UL/ULC 3100 standard, including critical components, testing, risk assessment, and regional variations in North American markets.

Download: Radio Equipment Directive (RED) update with Cybersecurity Requirements

The Radio Equipment Directive, which sets requirements for products with radio/wireless capabilities being sold in the EU, has been updated to include Cybersecurity and data safeguards. The new changes took effect on 1-FEB 2022 and become mandatory on 1-AUG 2025. The sooner you start to integrate Cybersecurity measures into your device the better.

UKCA Mandatory Marking Guidance

Intertek's Market Update simplifies Brexit's impact on trade, regulatory conformity, and accessing UK, Northern Ireland, and EU markets post-January 1, 2021. Clearing Brexit complexity for importers, exporters, and businesses needing UK Approved Body services for supplying goods to the UK is our primary goal.

8 Ways to Expedite Intrinsically Safe Product Certification Process

Speed up your Intrinsic Safety product certification with our white paper, highlighting 8 effective approaches.

Download: Payne Cell Gravimetric Measurements in Polymer-solvent Systems for Diffusion Coefficients and Isotherm Data

This paper explores using Payne cells to measure diffusion and solubility coefficients in polymer/solvent systems, focusing on toluene-silicone rubber.

Impact of Plant Cycling on HRSG Reliability

This paper underscores the critical consideration of the true cost associated with cycling combined cycle power plants, emphasizing damage mechanisms expected in heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) and balance of plant components due to operational cycling.

High Energy Piping Walkdowns in Compliance with ASME B31.1

This paper discusses high energy piping (HEP) system walkdown requirements and guidelines in compliance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) B31.1 Code.

White Paper: 5 Essential Steps to Medical Device Certification

The medical device industry relies on a higher level of documentation records than many other certification categories. It is important -- especially for start-up companies -- to consider that developing a functional prototype is NOT sufficient to meet the full regulatory burden. It is critical to generate all the documentation that covers the key elements of the IEC 60601-standard series, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidance, the Medical Device Regulation of Europe (MDR), and more.

Optimization of Battery Life and its Predictability in IoT Applications

Cities globally are embracing "smart" solutions to enhance traffic flow, cut emissions, and optimize space usage. In the realm of smart networks, reliability is paramount. Battery reliability, in particular, is crucial for ensuring the seamless operation of these systems.

JPEx Certification FAQs

Navigate equipment certifications for hazardous environments with our JPEx Certification FAQs white paper.