Paper and Pulp Contamination Analysis with FTIR

Pulp and paper contamination analysis with fourier transform infra-red spectroscopy (FTIR).

Investigative analysis to aid pulp and paper contaminant identification by FTIR is available through the global Intertek laboratory network. Our paper experts routinely aid clients in contamination troubleshooting issues.

Contamination Identification using FTIR:

Comprehensive libraries of infra-red spectra are available, specific to the pulp, paper and plastics industries, along with commercial libraries of many other chemicals, combined with years of experience at spectral interpretation.

FTIR theory:

Radiation from the infra-red region of the electromagnetic spectrum can be absorbed by bonds between atoms in a molecule, causing them to vibrate. The wavelength and energy of infra-red absorptions are characteristic of the type of chemical bond, and can provide a ‘fingerprint’ to identify different chemical types.

FTIR samples:

It is possible to obtain infra-red spectra of many different types of materials: gases, liquids, solids, either by transmission or reflectance. The sample could be a surface coating on paper or another substrate such as plastic, a powder, polymer, dried solvent extract, process deposit, contamination, coating streak or spot, filler, adhesive, ash; almost any sample configuration is possible.

FTIR microscopy:

Intertek can also offer infra-red microscopy to help identify micro-contaminants. A very small sample such as a spot down to 0.1 mm in size, can be prepared using a stereo optical microscope, and transferred to a diamond compression cell. Here it is flattened in order to obtain a transmission spectrum using an infra-red microscope.

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