Catalyst architecture research, testing and analysis

Intertek investigates and analyzes catalyst architecture and structure for clients.

Manufacturing methods can lead to different catalyst architectures. For example, impregnation may result in a uniform distribution of active species or an "egg-shell" structure. Cross-sections made for SEM by embedding cutting and polishing or by FIB (Focused Ion Beam) can enable the measurement of depth profiles on mm sized supports. On a finer scale, TEM/STEM analysis on samples prepared by microtomy and/or FIB thin sectioning can provide even greater detail.

EDX analysis of clusters of particles at the 1 micron, 100n and 10nm scales can provide data on mixing or segregation in co-precipitated systems. In some cases EDX mapping reveals the architecture at the primary particle level.

The Intertek MSG laboratory is staffed with scientists who are experts in analyzing catalyst architecture.

Catalyst Testing

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