Heterogeneous catalyst research, development and optimization expertise.

Intertek supports clients with Heterogeneous Catalyst development for new or existing processes, providing turn-key services including pilot plant testing and laboratory characterization of fresh and used solid catalysts. Using state-of-the-art techniques, the catalytic surfaces of new porous materials can be characterized to understand the physical and chemical structures of the phase active for specific reactions. The activity of this phase can be initially probed using model feedstocks and then using complex industry-sourced feedstocks, which may consist of a wide range of compounds.

Intertek's expertise and resources enhance optimization of catalyst properties by fine-tuning the structure of the catalysts to maximize catalyst activity and selectivity for a given process. Intertek helps with the rapid development of new catalysts, based on strong scientific fundamentals.

Heterogeneous Catalyst Pilot Plants:
Intertek Pilot Plant Services offers pilot plant testing services for screening catalyst formulations for activity and selectivity of model or industrial feedstocks. Autoclaves or continuous fixed bed reactors can be used as screening tools. Intertek has provided confidential pilot plant testing services to the global oil & refining industry since 1986.

Heterogeneous Catalyst Materials Research:
Intertek Allentown laboratory has significant expertise and state-of-the-art instrumentation in x-ray diffraction, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), microscopy, spectroscopy and a range of surface science techniques suitable for analysis of catalyst materials, structures and surfaces.

Catalyst Research Laboratory Techniques:

Heterogeneous catalyst laboratory measurements directly link to changes in:

  • Particle Morphology
  • Phase Composition determination by SEM-EDS and XRD
  • Oxidation State determination and composition of near-surface phases using XPS

Catalyst and Pilot Plant Solutions

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Pilot Plant Services Brochure

Intertek Pilot Plant Services offers the flexibility to modify our existing equipment and flow schemes, install client provided equipment or acquire new commercially available equipment, as needed, to closely replicate the preferred process configuration.

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