Intertek scientists help a client quickly identify and troubleshoot a purity problem with a heterogeneous catalyst batch.

When a manufacturer of rigid and flexible polyurethane foams encountered a problem with a recent batch of a supplier's heterogeneous catalyst, the Intertek Allentown laboratory was called in to investigate and diagnose the problem.

The laboratory scientists performed a series of material analysis tests to identify an new impurity in the catalyst batch, which had not been present in earlier, good, batches the vendor had shipped to the client. Supplied with this analytical testing data pointing to a catalyst contamination issue, the Intertek customer was able to approach their vendor with important information which helped the vendor quickly and rapidly identify where the contamination had occured, and fix the problem for batches under production, saving further problems.

Catalyst Testing and Troubleshooting Case Study

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Catalyst Testing and Pilot Plant Services

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