08 Dec 2011

Allentown, PA –Intertek (LSE: ITRK ), a leading provider of testing services to a wide range of industries, today announced the expansion of its advanced microscopy testing capabilities for the Americas. To improve customer access to problem-solving scanning electron microscopy (SEM) services, Intertek now offers an interactive viewing option. Customers can view the images from any online location globally.

SEM is a valuable problem-solving tool which generates high magnification images. The new remote viewing option enables the customer to interact in real-time with the microscopist as they view a material surface or cross section. As a result, a failure analysis, surface features, particle shapes, and chemical composition can be directly explored and a conclusion reached immediately. This new testing service will greatly accelerate critical decision making relating to a failure investigations or product development effort. SEM imaging is valuable for polymers, electronic materials, electrical devices or free-flowing powders, making it a great first step in many failure investigation efforts.

“Customers can now make decisions quickly when time is of the essence,” said Dr. Paula McDaniel, Intertek’s Business Development Manager of Analytical Sciences Americas. “Being able to interactively view a surface, ask questions about the image, and direct next steps means that a problem can be solved or question answered on-the-spot. This can result in money-saving return to operation or next-step decisions in their product or process development.”

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