Frequently Asked Questions About the CB Scheme

Through the CB Scheme, we can help you gain access to the global markets you desire. Below are some frequently asked questions about the CB Scheme

Q: What is the CB Scheme?

A: The CB Scheme is an international program for exchange and acceptance of product safety test results among participating laboratories and certification organizations around the world. The CB Scheme offers manufacturers a simplified way of obtaining multiple national safety certifications for their products.

Q: What does "CB Scheme" stand for?

A: The "CB" in CB Scheme stands for Certification Body. The official name of the CB Scheme is actually the "Scheme of the IECEE for Mutual Recognition of Test Certificates for Electrical Equipment."

Q: How does the CB Scheme work?

A: A manufacturer applies to any of the participating National Certification Bodies (NCBs) for a CB Test Certificate (Intertek has three NCBs: Toronto, Canada, Cortland, NY United Kingdom, and Stockholm, Sweden). The NCB will work with one of their accredited CBTLs (Intertek has thirty-eight CBTLs around the world) to conduct complete testing and evaluation of the manufacturer's product to determine conformity with the appropriate IECEE standard. If the product is found to be in compliance with the standard, the CBTL will issue a CB Test Report, based on which the NCB will issue a CB Test Certificate. In many cases, per a manufacturer's request, the NCB will also issue its own national approval or certification for the product. (Intertek can issue our own Marks: ETL Listed Mark for USA and Canada, S Mark for Europe, GS Mark for Germany.) The manufacturer can then present the CB Test Report and CB Test Certificate to other participating NCBs in order to obtain additional certifications for its product through simplified procedures.

Q: How can the CB Scheme benefit me?

A: The CB Scheme can help you save money, save time, obtain certifications more quickly, and reduce the number of test samples needed. When a manufacturer applies to NCB for national certification based on its previously obtained CB Test Certificate, the NCB will normally grant its certification with minimal, if any, re-testing provided that the results of the NCB's examination of the product, the CB Test Certificate, and the CB Test Report are favorable. In addition, NCBs are encouraged to handle applications for certification based on CB Test Certificates on a priority basis. As a result, costs for testing and evaluation are normally reduced, certifications are granted in less time than in normal cases, additional test samples are not damaged or destroyed, and the time and effort needed by the manufacturer's personnel to support the project are minimized. Intertek can assist with the application to many NCBs around the world to further simplify this process for the manufacturer.

Q: Does the system really work?

A: Absolutely. The increasing amount of manufacturers seeking certification through the CB Scheme will find that the participating NCBs truly honor their commitments to the rules of the program. What's more, manufacturers will experience a refreshing simplification and acceleration of the certification process and market entry.

Q: How can I apply for CB Scheme certification?

A: A manufacturer can apply to any NCB for either a CB Test Certificate or for certification based on an existing CB Test Certificate. The NCB will provide details on fees, samples, documents, and certification procedures applicable in the country of the NCB.

Q: What standards and product categories are covered by the CB Scheme?

A: The scope of products covered by the CB Scheme is quite broad. It includes categories such as IT and Office Equipment, Household Electronics and Appliances, Lighting Equipment, Testing and Measuring Equipment, Electrical Medical Equipment and Portable Tools, as well as many others. The standards used are the various IEC standards corresponding to these product categories, although it is important to note that national differences to these IEC standards exist for many of the participating countries. It is advised to notify the NCB which countries this product shall be evaluated for, so the applicable national deviations are taken into consideration.

Q: What products are covered under the CB Scheme?

A: Batteries, cables and cords, capacitors as components, medical equipment, household appliances, installation accessories and connection devices, switches for appliances, automatic controls for electrical household appliances, IT and office equipment, lighting, low voltage and high power switching equipment, portable tools, safety transformers and similar equipment.

Q: How are national differences handled?

A: Compliance with national differences may be evaluated either by the NCB issuing the CB Test Certificate and CB Test Report, or by the NCB to whom the CB Test Certificate and CB Test Report are presented for recognition and acceptance. However, it may further reduce costs, completion time, sample requirements, and project complexity by having all appropriate national differences evaluated by the NCB who issues the CB Test Certificate and CB Test Report.

Q: How can I learn more about the CB Scheme?

A: You can learn more about the CB Scheme by contacting any of our Intertek offices or visiting IECEEā€™s web site.

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