This course addresses CSR, human rights due diligence, and regulations that shape supply chain practices.

Course Description

Introduction to social compliance and human right due diligence in the supply chain is divided into the following modules:

Section 1 - Evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility which covers the history of corporate social responsibility and explains how it has evolved over time.

Section 2 - Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility which explains why corporate social responsibility in the supply chain is important to brands and retailers and why companies are needing to verify the working conditions their goods have been produced.

Section 3 - Corporate Human Rights Due Diligence which explains the terminology behind “Human Rights Due Diligence” and how this has evolved into various legal regulations affecting supply chains.


Understand the concepts of corporate social responsibility, human rights due diligence and understand the most significant national legal regulations which have global impact in driving corporate action in the supply chain.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for any member of an organization that would like to gain a better understanding of the importance of corporate social responsibility in supply chains and the evolution of social compliance from initial supplier codes of conduct to human rights due diligence and legal regulations.


30 Minutes


Intertek Certification of Completion

Corporate Social Responsibility