Delivering Total Quality to Fashion Manufacturers Through A Few Clicks

iCare is a one-stop science-based customer excellence portal designed to address the transparency and traceability around the processing and testing of lab samples, by providing manufacturers with a pioneering, industry leading solution that will allow them to seamlessly manage and monitor their testing processes from start to finish, 24/7.

Driven by increasing regulatory scrutiny and heightened end consumer expectations, customers in the fashion industry are increasingly seeking systemic, data-driven, end-to-end Total Quality Assurance solutions that enhance transparency and traceability, throughout the lab sample processing and testing stages.

True to our pioneering spirit, Intertek is proud to offer iCare – a market-leading digital solution that has been specifically tailored to the needs of our manufacturing customers, setting it apart from other portals in the industry. iCare will empower them to effortlessly manage and monitor their projects with ease, thereby revolutionising their experience of the quality and assurance process.

iCare process

iCare offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing customers to interact with us seamlessly through features such as chatbot and live chat. With just a touch or a few clicks, customers can easily perform various actions, including:

  • Submitting a test request
  • Tracking jobs and monitoring their status
  • Viewing and downloading test reports
  • Contacting our experts or customer service team
  • Setting up alerts and notifications to stay updated

By streamlining all these processes, iCare empowers manufacturers to efficiently manage their testing requirements, end-to-end, thereby providing them with the confidence that their projects are on track, 24/7.

iCare process

Benefits of iCare for manufacturers include:

  • Improve speed to market through online test request submissions to maximize efficiency and save time filling in manual forms by using “favorites”
  • Traceability with real-time project information on quality issues
  • Customer Excellence 24/7
  • Keeping own business timelines on track and projects running efficiently.
  • Quickly communicate with Intertek online via chatbot and live chat.
  • Databank for all reports: easy to locate and find reports in one place

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