Given the growing complexity of global operations in today’s fast-moving market place, managing risk, compliance and reputation demands focus, depth and transparency to anticipate issues with a 360° perspective 24/7.

Due to increasing complexity in global supply chains, an adequate tool to manage suppliers has become critical. Organisations and suppliers need to ensure food safety and traceability along their operations. We recently launched Intertek Inlight to maximise your food supply chain resilience.

This interactive on-demand webinar focuses on the Inlight service, risks encountered in the supply chain and how to minimise them.

Why should you view this Intertek Inlight webinar?

  • To understand more about Inlight and how it can help you.
  • To find out more about supply chain management challenges.
  • To gain an understanding on how to reduce food related risks and other benefits of the service.

You should view this Intertek Inlight webinar if you are a:

  • Food processor
  • Food retailer
  • Food manufacturer
  • Food services or restaurant chain

Presented by Gregoire Kebabtchieff, Intertek’s Vice President for USA & Canada for Food Services. Mr. Kebabtchieff has over 12 years of experience in the food quality assurance industry, helping clients find practical solutions for today’s food safety, food hygiene and supply chain management challenges. He joined Intertek in 2013 and now heads Intertek Food Services in USA & Canada. Mr. Kebabtchieff has a Quality Engineering degree from Ecole de Biologie Industrielle as well as a Master’s in Marketing & Management from HEC Paris.

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