Whether you manufacture gas or oil fired domestic or commercial cooking appliances, catering equipment or hot water boilers, Intertek can provide you complete Testing and Certification services for virtually any market around the world

Intertek can test to a variety of national and international standards including those of AGA, ANSI, CGA, CSA, DOE and UL.

Gas Safety Testing: North America
If you intend on selling your product within North America, we can provide you with the following gas safety testing and certification services:

Gas Safety Testing: Europe

If you intend on selling your product within Europe, CE marking is mandatory on virtually all gas-fired domestic and commercial equipment. We conduct EC Type Examination Certification, EC Surveillance, and EC Verification of single units. As a Notified Body, Intertek can provide you with complete testing services for the Gas Appliance Directive and CE Marking.

Our European testing and certification services include:

  • CE Marking
  • Testing for the Gas Appliance Directive
  • Testing for the Boiler Efficiency Directive
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