New China Footwear Label Standard QB-T 2673-2013 Effective July 1, 2014

Vol. 778 | July 18, 2014

In its second announcement for 2014, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China approved the new China footwear label standard QB/T 2673-2013 Footwear-Specification of Marking. The QB/T 2673-2013 standard supersedes the QB/T 2673-2004 standard beginning July 1, 2014

According to QB/T 2673-2013, footwear sold in China must disclose trademark, product identity, Chinese shoe size, materials, place of production, company name and contact (including address, phone number or other contact information), “Three Guarantee Policy” (Return, Replacement and Repair), executive standard code, date of production, color, style number, and product quality grade. On the product, trademark or company name, Chinese shoe size and style number are required.

The key updates of the new labeling requirements in QB/T 2673-2013 are summarized below:

  • Product identity marking requirement is revised to include targeted consumer (e.g., male, female or children) and intended end use of the product (e.g., basketball shoes).
  • The material of upper is required to be declared. The disclosure of lining, insole and outsole materials are voluntary. Symbols provided in QB/T 2673-2013 are acceptable.
  • Place of production marking is specified for domestically made footwear and imported footwear. Domestically made footwear needs to provide province and city and imported footwear is required to mark country of origin.
  • Date of production and product quality grade are required to be on retail package (including hangtag).
  • Clarification is provided for color declaration for labeling, and the color of upper is required to be disclosed. If two or more colors are present on the upper, the color covering 80% of the surface area needs to be disclosed.  If no one color occupies over 80% area of upper, two or more dominant colors need to be labeled in the order of predominance of color such as black/white. 
  • Style number is required to be present on the product.



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