FCC Part 15 Testing

Intertek will guide you through each step of the FCC Part 15 testing process, ensuring that you can quickly and efficiently meet current FCC regulations.

Any digital device that operates at 9 kHz or higher is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under its Part 15 regulations. Without the proper expertise, it can be difficult to assure that your products satisfy these requirements.

We will work with you at the design stage and provide you with a detailed analysis of potential EMC non-compliances and suggest low-cost, easily implemented product design alternatives. Intertek has closely tracked the evolution of FCC regulations from both a legal and technical standpoint. We can show you exactly how the FCC would conduct testing and duplicate their test techniques in our own laboratories. We keep you up to speed on current regulations and assist you with paperwork and labeling requirements. We can also assist you during product re-designs to ensure your devices remain in compliance with FCC regulations.

About FCC Part 15 Regulation
FCC Part 15 is a federal regulation that sets limitations on the amount of electromagnetic interference allowed from digital and electronic devices such as wristwatches, musical instruments, computers, telephones, and low power transmitters. Failure to comply with FCC Part 15 can have a serious impact on everyone associated with your product: engineers, distributors, retailers and even customers. The FCC's remedies against non-complying products include the halting of all distribution as well as the issuance of fines to the manufacturer.

Additional FCC Regulations
FCC Part 18 includes EMC requirements for certain industrial, scientific and medical digital equipment not included in Part 15. Additionally, FCC Part 68, details the requirements for devices that attach to the telephone network, such as modems, PBXs and telephones. Our FCC compliance expertise fully covers these related regulations.

Global Market Access
Intertek’s laboratories are fully equipped and accredited to conduct testing to various international requirements. In fact, we can concurrently conduct testing for FCC compliance and similar services for Canadian approval, EU Declaration of Conformity, ACA compliance of telecom equipment, and VCCI marking in Japan, among others.

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