Chemical analysis and research for inks, colorants, dyes and pigments.

Intertek tests and analyzes colourants, dyes and pigments and their formulations into liquid inks and materials, from printed packaging, pharmaceutical marking and coatings and food. Expertise includes chemical and physical analysis with the ability to perform complete customer problem solving supporting development and manufacturing activities.

Chemical analysis of inks, colorants, dyes and pigments:

  •  Ink, colourant or coating formulation analysis and impurity identification
  •  Chemical Testing and Analysis for dyes and other formulation ingredients
  •  High Resolution Microscopy for analysis of:
    • Particulate pigment systems
    • Surface chemistry analysis for printed substrates
    • Coated surfaces and multilayer systems     
    • Compatibility of printing technology e.g. printheads with ink
  •  Specialty polymer analysis including acrylated urethanes, epoxies, polyesters, and acrylics
  •  Advanced data handling solutions including statistical measurements of variance between the performance and physico-chemical properties of ink batches
  •  Trace heavy metals and residual inorganic impurities in product formulation 
  •  Physical chemistry property determination (pKa, LogP, LogD, solubility etc.) for formulation components
  •  Forensic type investigations into ink contamination during manufacturing process (plasticisers absorbed from hoses, etc.)
  •  Reactive oligomers for UV Cure ink formulation characterisation and impurity analysis
  •  Spectroscopic quantification of functional groups
  •  Thermal Chemistry studies of curing reactions
  •  Chemical analysis and research for inks, colorants, dyes and pigments.


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