Standard: ASTM D6109 – Standard Test Methods for Flexural Properties of Unreinforced and Reinforced Plastic Lumber and Related Products

Certification Required: ICC-ES AC174 and ASTM D7032 require this flexural testing for certification of decking and railing products.

Scope: Per ASTM D6109, "These test methods are suitable for determining the flexural properties for any solid or hollow manufactured plastic lumber product of square, rectangular, round, or other geometric cross section that shows viscoelastic behavior. The test specimens are whole "as manufactured" pieces without any altering or machining of surfaces beyond cutting to length. As such, this is a test method for evaluating the properties of plastic lumber as a product and not a material property test method. Flexural strength cannot be determined for those products that do not break or that do not fail in the extreme outer fiber."

Applicable Products: Plastic lumber products

Test Procedure: Test Method A is designed for products in the flat or "plank" position. Test Method B is designed for products in the edgewise or "joist" position. Load is applied to the specimen at the specified cross-head rate and load-deflection data is measured at the common center of the spans. Stress-strain curves are plotted to determine the flexural yield strength and modulus of elasticity.

End Result: The test results measure the material's flexural strength.

Special Notes: (None)

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