Testing and detection of sulfates, chlorides, and other anions in denatured ethanol.

Intertek Caleb Brett

Sulfates in denatured ethanol testing is run by test method ASTM D5827, using ion chromatography (IC). Intertek testing labs also offer a modified ASTM D5827 method which achieves a lower sulfates detection limit than the standard method. Chlorides and other anions are also detected using the D5827 method. 

ASTM D5827:
The ASTM D-5827 test is the standard method for analysis of engine coolant for chloride and other anions by ion chromatography. Ethanol testing laboratories offer sampling and inspection services where required for customers in key market areas that use fuel grade ethanol. Coolant testing includes anions, fusel oils, esters, and methanol content. Prepaid sample shipping kits are available for your convenience in the USA.

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