Intertek's cutting-edge testing solutions are designed to ensure the quality, performance, and compliance of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) fuels.

As the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly fuel alternatives continues to rise, HVO fuels have gained prominence for their reduced carbon footprint and compatibility with existing diesel engines. Intertek offers comprehensive testing services that empower fuel producers, distributors, and end-users to confidently embrace HVO fuels as a viable solution for a greener future.

To create HVO, vegetable oils, waste vegetable, animal fats and used vegetable oils (UCO) can be used as base materials and converted into hydrocarbons through a catalytic reaction with the addition of hydrogen. In this way, fats and vegetable oils can be used as a more sustainable fuel to either supplement or replace diesel completely.​

Intertek leads the way in HVO quality testing through the application of the Liquid Scintillation Counting (LSC) method. Our method goes beyond the norm measuring 14C isotopic carbons within the fuel blend to accurately determine the biofuel component percentage. This approach offers unparalleled insights into the composition of blended fuels, enabling you to make informed decisions and claim tax refund.

By delving into the isotopic composition of blended fuels, we empower you with data that transforms decision-making and product development. Embrace a greener future with confidence by partnering with Intertek and leveraging our expertise in HVO fuel testing.

  • Fuel Quality Assessment: Intertek's expert analysts meticulously examine HVO fuel samples to assess their physical and chemical properties. Our comprehensive testing suite includes assessments of density, viscosity, lubricity, flash point, and cold flow properties. By ensuring optimal fuel quality, we help you achieve efficient engine performance and minimize the risk of equipment damage.
  • Fuel Compatibility and Performance Testing: Our state-of-the-art testing facilities are equipped to evaluate the compatibility and performance of HVO fuels in diverse engine types and conditions. Through rigorous analysis, we determine factors such as combustion efficiency, emissions levels, and power output, ensuring that your HVO fuels meet industry standards while providing optimal engine performance.
  • Emissions Testing: Intertek's emissions testing services focus on quantifying the environmental impact of HVO fuels. We assess exhaust emissions, including greenhouse gases and pollutants, to validate the reduced carbon footprint and lower emissions profile associated with HVO fuels. These results not only provide crucial data for regulatory compliance but also enable you to showcase the environmental benefits of your products.
  • Regulatory Compliance Verification: Navigating the complex landscape of fuel regulations is made easier with Intertek as your partner. Our experts stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and standards, ensuring that your HVO fuels meet regional and international compliance requirements. With our verification services, you can confidently bring your products to market, knowing they adhere to the necessary guidelines.
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