Quality testing of European biodiesel blend stocks.

Biodiesel testing in Europe:

Intertek European biodiesel lab testing conforms to EU biodiesel fuel standard EN-14214. Intertek biofuel laboratories offer complete testing for biodiesel fuels. Biodiesel testing customers receive rapid and reliable fuel testing results, at a competitive value in lab service. Biodiesel testing is available through a global laboratory network. Intertek helps clients protect biodiesel production quality, and engines & vehicles from damage by contaminated biodiesel fuel. 

European biodiesel laboratory tests:

  • Ester Content EN-14103
  • Density at 15°C EN-ISO 12185
  • Viscosity at 40°C EN-ISO 3104
  • Flash Point EN-ISO 3679
  • Sulphur Content EN-ISO 20846
  • Cetane Number EN-ISO 5165
  • Carbon Residue EN-ISO 10370
  • Sulphated Ash ISO 3987
  • Water Content EN-ISO 12937
  • Total Contamination EN-12662
  • Copper Corrosion EN-ISO 2160
  • Oxidation Stability EN-14112
  • Linolenic acid Methyl Ester EN-14103
  • Fuel Lubricity IP, ASTM
  • Polyunsaturated Methyl Esters By GC
  • Methanol Content EN-14110
  • Monoglyceride Content EN-14105
  • Diglyceride Content EN-14105
  • Triglyceride Content EN-14105
  • Free Glycerol EN-14105
  • Total Glycerol EN-14105
  • Sodium Content EN-14108
  • Potassium Content EN-14109
  • Calcium Content EN-14538
  • Magnesium Content EN-14538
  • Phosphorus Content EN-14107
  • Acid Value EN-14104
  • Iodine Value EN-14111
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