Yvonne Lenighan, Ph.D, Senior Manager, Dietary Intakes, Food & Nutrition

Yvonne Lenighan joined Intertek in 2021. She is based in the UK office as a Senior Manager in Dietary Intakes. Yvonne has vast experience in dietary intakes and diet modelling, across a number of different geographies, and has published numerous original research articles in this area. Yvonne works on the dietary exposure assessments team which conducts dietary intake assessments for nutrients, food chemicals and ingredients, across a number of regions.

Dr Lenighan received her BSc in Human Nutrition and PhD in Public Health and Molecular Nutrition, with a focus on the health benefits of grass-fed beef, from a dietary intake and a mechanistic perspective, from University College Dublin.

Prior to joining Intertek, Yvonne worked at Nestlé Research in the area of dietary intake, including intakes analysis and interpretation, diet modelling to substantiate the role of foods/products in the diet and the development of algorithms, to support personalised digital nutrition tools across Europe, Asia and America.