Yukiko Moriyma, M.Sc., Manager, Food & Nutrition, Japan

Yukiko Moriyma is a Manager within the Food & Nutrition Group in Japan. With her strong understanding and interpretation of scientific literature relating to toxicology, epidemiology and genotoxicity, Yukiko assists clients in the  preparation and submission of Japanese dossiers (new food ingredients, additives and genetically modified [GM] food enzymes) for review by Japanese authorities such as the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), the Food Safety Commission of Japan (FSCJ) and the Food Additive Designation Consultation Center (FADCC).

Additionally, Yukiko has expert knowledge of imported food safety regulations from working in some of her past roles and is therefore able to apply this knowledge in her current role at Intertek by being able to provide a unique perspective on import requirements and limitations.

Yukiko Moriyma received her M.Sc. in Agriculture in 2003 from Kyushu University.