Wenjing Zhai, B.Sc., Director, Food & Nutrition, China

Wenjing Zhai has more than 20 years’ knowledge and experience with food additives, feed additives and biotechnology regulations in China. He is a recognized expert in enzyme regulations for food, feed and technical applications.

Before joining Intertek Scientific & Regulatory Consultancy in 2020, Mr. Zhai worked in a regulatory team for a world leading biotechnology company and one of the largest global private animal health companies. In his past roles, Mr. Zhai worked directly with government authorities, scientific communities, trade associations and industry peers to re shape and pioneer the regulatory environment for food enzymes in China, including finding a practical solution for the application of food enzyme derived from genetically modified (GMM) microorganisms.

Mr. Zhai is actively involved in national standardization activities of biological preparation for various industrial applications and has knowledge of, as well as extensive experience with, several national mandatory and recommended standards for fermented products, such as GB 20713, GB/T 20370, GB/T 23533 and GB/T 35538.

Mr. Zhai received his B.Sc. in Biotechnology in 1998 from Xiamen University.