Ryan Simon, M.Sc., B.Sc., Senior Director, Safety & Regulatory

Mr. Ryan Simon is Sr. Director, Safety and Regulatory within the Food & Nutrition Group. As an integral member of the Food & Nutrition Group, Mr. Simon is passionate about providing regulatory advice and strategic scientific guidance to companies wishing to bring food ingredients, additives, and supplement products to major international marketplaces in a timely and cost productive manner.

Mr. Simon brings 15 years of scientific and regulatory consulting experience, and using his extensive knowledge of the U.S and global food regulations, toxicology, and food safety. Ryan has supported numerous small and multinational companies with the introduction of over 100 new food ingredients and additives to the U.S. and international marketplaces. Ryan has experience in a broad array of subject areas including medical foods, novel fibers, new plant oils, marine lipid ingredients, botanical extracts, non-nutritive fat replacers, non-nutritive sweeteners, flavorings, enzymes, amino acids, plant based proteins, microbial derived ingredients, foods derived from new plant varieties, food derived from GM technologies, probiotics, and products of novel food processing technologies such as vitamin D mushrooms and cultured meats. Ryan has leveraged this experience to develop new safety testing paradigms for novel plant-based proteins, GM additives, probiotics, and new dietary fibers, thereby reducing the need for toxicology testing of these ingredients. By providing critical early-stage strategic advice during the R&D phase of an ingredient life-cycle, and by leveraging a network of global experts within and outside the Intertek group, Ryan enable’s companies to gain timely access to the U.S., European, and other global marketplaces, and capture economic gains from first to market opportunities.

Prior to joining the Food & Nutrition Group, Mr. Simon was employed at a Canadian Biotechnology company for several years where he was responsible for animal efficacy and safety studies to support product development of bone-growth peptides, artificial bone replacement devices, and autologous tissue engineered cartilage replacement systems.

Mr. Simon received his B.Sc. with honours in Biomedical Toxicology from the University of Guelph and a M.Sc. in Cell Biology and Metabolism from the McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. His graduate work focused on mechanisms of drug-induced bone loss, and vascular calcification. Mr. Simon has authored over 20 publications pertaining to the toxicological assessment of food ingredients, and has authored hundreds of regulatory dossiers and scientific reports on the safety of new food ingredients.