Kalliopi Mylona, Ph.D., Scientific & Regulatory Manager, Food & Nutrition

Kalliopi joined Intertek in 2020, is based in the UK office and brings to the team over 15 years of scientific and regulatory expertise.

Kalliopi is involved in the development of regulatory strategies for new ingredients, due diligence scientific substantiation for foodstuffs, compilation of scientific dossiers for the authorisation of regulated food products (including food additives, novel foods, flavourings) and the stewardship of applications through the approval process. She also provides bespoke regulatory advice tailored to clients needs.

Kalliopi has a first degree in Chemistry, a Masters in food technology and quality assurance, and a Ph.D. in Applied Mycology. She has held regulatory roles directly in the food industry and as a consultant. She has conducted post-doctoral research in food safety regulations, working for the EC’s DG JRC on the provision of science advice for policy making (DG SANTE) and in the academia on the impact of these regulations on the food value chains.

Kalliopi has authored a number of original scientific articles and policy papers.