Erjin Eio, Ph.D., M.Sc., B.Sc., Director, Japan, Food & Nutrition Group

Erjin works on a range of global regulatory projects for new and existing Japanese clients for food ingredients and food additives based in Japan-Tokyo. She assists existing and potential Japanese clients interested in food regulations and approvals outside of Japan as well as incoming Japanese regulatory and strategy requests. She has also consulted foreign clients wishing to expand their food ingredient and food additives into the Japanese market as well as other parts of Asia.

Erjin has achieved success within the industry by working with a wide variety of specialists from a well-established Japanese supplement company to an international environmental NGO with diverse professional experiences. After spending more than 8 years in research field, she has become knowledgeable in the processes to assess complex situations and identify appropriate solutions, and this helps underscores her ability to gain meaningful insight and follow up with thorough scientific analysis. Prior to joining Intertek, she had experienced health supplement research, development and regulatory affairs. She involved in preparing a premarket notification of the Foods for Functional Claims in Japan.

She is passionate in connecting sciences and human. Her contagious enthusiasm instils her with extraordinary energy and dedication in human communication. Having a multilingual background has equipped her with four languages (English, Chinese, Malay and Japanese) and 2 Chinese dialects (Cantonese and Hokkien), which fully manifest in marketing needs and enables Erjin to think globally and not only be limited to the Japanese market.

Erjin was awarded a PhD in Environmental Engineering by Soka University Japan in 2015.