Around 50,000 British farmers are accredited to Red Tractor standards, which form the basis of buying and sourcing specifications for major supermarkets, household brands and restaurant chains. Today £14 billion of British food and drink carries the Red Tractor logo.

The Red Tractor logo applied to product packaging demonstrates to consumers food and drink that has been produced to high quality standards across the whole length of the food chain, driving confidence and trust.

Key Benefits

Grow your business

Membership of Red Tractor farm Schemes inspected and certified by SAI Global represents high quality agricultural production, enabling businesses to meet retail requirements, secure new and existing markets.

Build customer trust, protect your reputation

Only produce from British Red Tractor certified farms can hold the Red Tractor logo. This means it can be traced right back through the supply chain to the British farms it came from.

Demonstrate high standards of animal welfare   

Red Tractor partners with animal welfare experts and vets to continuously strengthen scheme requirements on animal welfare.

Driving Resilience & Confidence in Farming

Red Tractor standards are some of the most comprehensive, independently validated farm and food standards in the world, covering more types of food and drink than any other assurance scheme. The Standards ensure that food has been produced safely for human consumption, is responsibly sourced and crops and animals well cared for.

Red Tractor Beef and Lamb scheme provides both consumers and retailers with confidence about product quality attributes including food safety, animal welfare and environmental protection. The assessment covers areas such as animal health, veterinary medicines used, waste management, housing space allowance and vermin control.

A Red Tractor farmer’s land is often their home, and they care about looking after the British countryside which we all know and love. To do this, they are required to maintain a robust set of standards to become Red Tractor assured.

All Red Tractor grain requires a passport to ensure supply chain traceability. This is part of proving it has met rigorous certified standards and is fully traceable from field to pack.

Learn more about Red Tractor Combinable Crops and Sugar Beet.

Red Tractor Fresh Produce includes protocols for an array of fresh produce crops including fruit, vegetables and salad crops. These protocols are publicly available and are used as a guide to safe food production for the agricultural industry within the United Kingdom and around the globe.

Membership to the Red Tractor Dairy scheme demonstrates compliance with the standard throughout the process of farm milk production, from hygiene and food safety, through housing and facilities plant and equipment to herd health, animal welfare and stockmanship.

Red Tractor Dairy Goats standard underpins our industry’s strength and credibility, securing its future as a world-leader in animal health and welfare, while enhancing consumer trust in goat milk’s traceability and safety. The Standard has been written, reviewed and approved by the Red Tractor dairy goats working group, which is made up of farmer representatives, leading industry experts and supply chain stakeholders.

Red Tractor Livestock Transport focuses on ensuring the traceability of animals continues from the farm gate and that animal welfare is maintained during the journey and all vehicles are cleaned.

The Red Tractor Livestock Market scheme sets out Standards of best practice for livestock markets and is an integral link in the assurance chain for livestock. The standard focuses on ensuring that the traceability of the animals continues and that animal welfare is maintained throughout the duration of the market or collection centre.

Red Tractor Standards for Collection Centres is part of the Red Tractor Food Assurance Scheme assuring food safety, animal welfare, hygiene, environmental protection through every part of the food chain.

The Red Tractor Safe Haven scheme comprises scientifically robust protocols that ensure best practice for seed growing. The Safe Haven scheme also provides additional protection against other harmful organisms like brown rot and soft rots caused by Dickeya species. The scheme ensures that all seed within the scheme is only grown from Safe Haven-sourced seed or disease-free nuclear stock and this helps protect against any pests and diseases not found in Britain which affect potatoes.

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