WindAware Software

A software solution to help owners and operators manage inspection data, maintain reliability and safety, and minimize costly equipment failure.

Managing the life of wind turbine generator assets is a constant challenge. Operators need a tool that provides organized, readily available equipment data to make informed operational, maintenance, and inspection decisions. Intertek developed WindAware to be the tool that solves this challenge.

Manages Asset and Inspection Data
WindAware software is used to track, trend, and report inspection and repair information for every component of wind turbine generators. It organizes complex data allowing users to identify trends that reveal deteriorating or damaged equipment. The software uses a web-based environment, permitting information to be shared across different sites, departments, and groups. WindAware can improve decision making, ensure accuracy and standardization, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of inspection activities.

Provides Mobile Access
WindAware allows users to track the inspection, service, repair, replacement, and failure history of components quickly and easily. Inspectors can use Mobile Aware handheld tablets to document inspections in the field instantaneously. If the user is offline, the database is checked out and results are automatically updated upon return. Inspection results from existing operator formats can also be imported with customizable tools. Recorded information can be reviewed on interactive CAD drawings - for example, the blade damage mapping tool takes inspection data and allows the user to visually compare degradation or anomalies across different blades.

Improves Collaboration
As Long Term Service Agreements (LTSAs) become increasingly popular for maintenance, there is a need to facilitate collaboration between service providers and the utility personnel. Because WindAware is a web-based application, capturing and sharing the history and knowledge of the equipment is possible among multiple groups. Incorporating role-based security, information and access to WindAware can selectively or entirely be made available to an unlimited number of team members who are collaborating – service providers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and utility personnel.

Improve Reliability with WindAware!
With Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) integration and customizable home page widgets for each user, WindAware is the perfect tool to complement an existing work order management system or start a new reliability program by using informed analytics to determine, schedule, and track inspections. WindAware users can lease or purchase the software to help their small or large wind sites experience more up time, reduced cost of operation through avoided failures, and more organized and informed inspection planning.

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Need help or have a question?

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