Our experts provide insight and in-depth identification and analysis of the most commonly recycled plastics such as PET via NMR, GPC, ICP and XRF

Recycled plastics analysis is a topic which commands increasing attention, with many firms seeking to attain insight into the nature of plastic, to discover if they have been previously recycled, and if so, to what percentage. Additionally, analysis is sought regarding the purity of the material, especially regarding the presence of heavy metals, and into its molecular weight.

Our experts achieve insight using an array of techniques such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), GPC, ICP and XRF to determine the composition of recycled materials, either as reclaim or as final product particularly in the manufacture of polyester based materials.

Our NMR team has many years of experience with areas of expertise including polymer and plastic characterisation, composition and contamination, all of which impacts on products such as, for example, plastic bottles, film for sealing food packages and other items. Other mechanical/physical attributes can also be measured.

Accordingly, Intertek undertakes mechanical testing for tensile strength, modulus and strain.

A selection of the common polymers routinely analysed include:

  • Polyesters - including PET and PEN
  • Polyolefines - HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE
  • Vinyl based polymers - PVC
  • Styrene based polymers - polystyrene

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