Health & safety solutions that identify and minimise environmental health risks to employees and customers across manufacturing, hotels, schools, restaurants, transport hubs, retail, and more.

Facility health and safety has never been more important, and Intertek’s health & safety solutions identify and minimise environmental health risks to employees and customers across manufacturing, hotels, schools, restaurants, transport hubs, retail, and more. From facility health assessments, programme development, cleaning and disinfectant process oversight, post-cleaning verification to compliance reporting, and certification.


Our comprehensive Facility Health Management solutions include physical upgrades and ongoing management to support wellness, attention to operation, and re-occupancy protocols for buildings that have been unoccupied for an extended period.

Whether you’re operating a manufacturing plant, hotels, restaurant, school/campus, transportation center, retail store, or any other type of facility or public space, you need to consider an array of potential health risks for those who visit the building. Our goal is to provide our customers with the assurance that their facility is safe and healthy for re-occupancy while getting back to work, school, play, and living.


Intertek can provide end-to-end turnkey services, or serve as a consultant on a project, working alongside independent design and construction teams. Our services include:

Our team of experts will meet with the client virtually or on-site to discuss the building, its history, and any unique features. We will also provide baseline testing.

Our site visit would include reviewing:
  -  Indoor air quality, filtration and ventilation
  -  High touch surfaces
  -  Cleanliness evaluation
  -  Staff training/communication review
  -  Buildings that have sat dormant may require additional evaluations

    Intertek will complete a facility health and safety assessment based on our scorecard, comparing against the level of compliance the client selects. If applicable, we will provide specific recommendations for measures to support occupant health and reduce virus transmission and other infection risks. The recommendations will cover both on-going operations and potential capital improvements.

    If non-compliant elements are identified in the Facility Assessment, owners who wish to achieve compliance and/or certification will choose to engage Intertek in one of several levels of participation in the remediation design and installation. We will develop the remediation plan, provide guidance, and monitor remediation. The owner may implement remediation with their own in-house team / contractors, or they may hire Intertek for remediation services.

    Intertek will prepare a comprehensive report and scorecard documenting compliance.

    The certification will allow the owner to provide their stakeholders with assurance that they have effectively implemented appropriate best practices in compliance with Intertek’s program and scorecard to limit virus exposure and transmission risks within the facility and improve the health and safety of the facility.

    Intertek will provide annual monitoring to assure that compliance with the current program requirements are met and to maintain a current certification and listing.

    Intertek’s team of experts: engineers, architects, building scientists, and industrial hygienists can work with you to assess your building’s performance. For qualifying buildings, a Protek Certification will be issued as well as their building on Intertek’s Listing page.

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