Plug into electrical safety with Intertek's ASTA Diamond Mark, which is recognized in over 40 countries as a symbol of safety for products that conduct and manage electricity, such as switchgear and plugs.

The ASTA Diamond Mark is one of the few certification marks that the United Kingdom (UK) authorities accept for 3-pin plugs. UK law requires that 3-pin plugs be certified against BS1363 by an accredited certification body like Intertek. The ASTA Diamond Mark fulfils the mandatory requirements for the approval of 3-pin plugs to BS1363 for sale in the UK and over 40 other countries.

The ASTA Diamond mark is sought out by purchasers and specifiers of electrical transmission products as evidence of product safety. The ASTA Diamond Mark shows that a product complies with National, European or International standards. The ASTA Mark also satisfies the requirement of the General Product Safety Directive.

Considering that the UK style 3-pin plug is also used in over 40 countries using the same safety standards as the UK, it is obvious how the ASTA Mark can help you access new markets. The ASTA Mark is also widely used to support declaration of conformity and technical file activity required when CE Marking for the EU.

To obtain and retain an ASTA Marks License the following requirements are necessary:

  • Complete compliance certification (Full testing) of the products (Product Certification), i.e. an ASTA Certificate or a CB Certificate or a CCA Notification of Test Results
  • Registration to ISO 9001:2000 or Factory Approved to the principles of the CIG scheme
  • Ongoing product testing of selected samples also called ATT (Annual Type Test)
  • Ongoing Management System surveillance or factory inspection as per ASTA Mark regulation

Compelling Evidence of Safety
ASTA Diamond Approval can also provide you with the compelling evidence of product safety should you ever face a product liability challenge. It indicates a due diligence has been taken to ensure product safety and that you have an ongoing commitment to make every unit in a production run equally as safe as the last - as your factory and processes are regularly audited as part of the Approval to ensure consistent manufacture.

Products that bear the ASTA Mark include:

Plugs and socket outletsBS1363/BS546
Appliance cord setsBS1363/IEC60320-1
Adaptors and Connection unitsBS1363
Cooker control unitsBS4177
Shaver plugsBS4573
Distribution systemsBS5733
Surface boxes & blanking platesBS5733/BS4662
Cartridge fuse-linksBS1362
PVC conduit and fittingsBS EN50086
Appliance connectorsIEC/BS EN60320-1
Y splittersIEC60320-1/IEC60799
Plug connectorsIEC/BS EN60320-2-2
Busbar trunking and powertrack systemsIEC60439-2/IEC61534
Consumer units and distribution boardsIEC/BS EN60439-3
General purpose switchesIEC/BS EN60669-1
Miniature circuit-breakersIEC/BS EN60898
Rocker switchesIEC60947-5-1
Flat cable installation systemsIEC/BS EN60998
Screwless connecting devicesIEC60998-1/-2
LampholdersBS EN61184
Shaver units, plug-in adaptors and transformerIEC/BS EN61558

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