Caleb Brett - Philippines

Supporting the petroleum, chemical and cargo industry in the Philippines

Ensuring petroleum quality is a vital requirement for international and national petrochemical companies. Quick and effective detection of impurities that could lead to costly engine failures is crucial in an industry where speed to market is extremely important in helping to win customers. As your global partner, we can provide analytical programs that support every stage of your supply chain.

Intertek helps energy companies improve efficiency along the entire supply chain from oil exploration and transportation to refining, trading, and retail. Our renewable energy support services include biofuel testing and wind turbine inspection. We also provide manpower support and laboratory outsourcing services.

Key Caleb Brett services:

  • Crude Oil and Refined Petroleum Products Cargo Inspection
  • LPG and Chemical Gas Cargo Inspection
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Cargo Inspection
  • Biofuels Cargo Inspection
  • Cargo Additive Treatment Services
  • Ship Care Bunker Fuel Quantity Inspection
  • Investigation of Discrepancies
  • Storage & Production Inventories Audit
  • On-Hire / Off-Hire Bunker Survey
  • Bunker Surveys
  • Tank Cleanliness Inspection
  • Product Sampling
  • LNG Cargo Inspection
  • Condition Survey
  • Damage Survey
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection
  • Inspection of Vessel Holds & Hatches
  • Draft Survey
  • Discharging Weighing & Delivery
  • Superintendence
  • Vessel Condition Survey
  • P&I Survey
  • Container Inspection
  • Destuffing of Containerized Cargo
  • Loading Supervision
  • DPSR (Discharge Port Survey Report)
  • LPSR (Load Port Survey Report)
  • Physical & Chemical Analyses of Petroleum Products / Petrochemicals
  • Biofuels Testing
  • Brake Fluid Testing
  • Crude Oil Testing
  • Oil Condition Monitoring
  • Test Witnessing Services
  • Wall Wash Testing
  • Global Shipment of Dangerous Goods by Air or by Sea
  • Storage Tank Calibration
    • - Horizontal Storage Tank (API/MPMS Chapter 2.2E)
    • - Vertical Storage Tank API/MPMS Chapter 2.2A, B, D & G)
    • - Spherical Storage Tank (API Standard 2552)
    • - Cubical Storage Tank (API/MPMS Chapter 2.2A Appendix E)
    • - Barge & Vessel Calibration (API Standard 2.8A)
    • - Liquid Calibration (API Standard 2555)
  • Flow Meter Proving
    • - Meter Proving using Master Meter (API/MPMS Chapter 4.5)
    • - Meter Proving using Master Prover (API/MPMS Chapter 4.4) 
  • Bulk Material Survey (ASTM D6172-98)
    • - Stock Pile and Silo Tank Quantification

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