Intertek Philippines’ Agri Trade Business Line specializes in the loading and discharge supervision, cargo weighing and vessel/barge draft survey. We are also capable in quality and quantity inspection, including tank and hold cleanliness. We conduct loading and discharge facilities like containers and check onboard cargo seals.

We conduct sampling, product testing, sample retention and accurate cargo inspection with check-tallying of bagged, bulk and break-bulk cargoes. We supervise loading and destuffing of containerized shipments for dry and liquid cargo, out turn reconciliation, preparation and issuance of comprehensive reports.

Our major customers are the leading names in the fertilizer market. Part of our services also includes engaging in containerized loading and discharging operations of fish oil and meals.

We also attend to vegetarian oil and by-products inspection with US based companies and other local companies that provides raw materials for export.

Intertek Philippines is accredited by Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Association or FOSFA International and is a proud member of United Coconut Association of the Philippines, Inc. (UCAP)

  • Loading and Discharge Supervision
  • Cargo Weighing Supervision and Vessel/Barge Draft Survey
  • Quality and Quantity Inspection
  • Tank and Hold Cleanliness Inspection
  • Inspection of Loading and Discharge Facilities
  • Inspection of Containers and Seals
  • Onboard Cargo Sampling
  • Product Testing and Sample Retention
  • Accurate Cargo Inspection and Check-Tallying of Bagged Cargoes
  • Bulk and Break-Bulk Cargo Inspection
  • Loading Supervision of Containerized Shipments for Dry and Liquid Cargo
  • Cargo Out Turn Reconciliation
  • Preparation and Issuance of Comprehensive Reports


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