Acoustical Field Testing

View our on-demand webinar on Acoustical Field Testing with experts Dan Johnson and Jeffrey Fullerton.

While sound often triggers a subjective reaction from people, there are numerous field tests that can quantify acoustical conditions for documenting baseline conditions, assessing isolation performance, or final installed conditions for compliance with codes or regulations. Prior to a new development project being started, a sound level survey at a site might be useful to assessing the impact to the future development and inform the selection of windows or exterior wall assemblies. Airborne and impact sound isolation testing can also help to confirm whether a demising assembly will meet (or exceed) the applicable building code requirements or require modifications. And when the project is complete, field testing can confirm that the project’s systems are compliant with the applicable regulations for sound emissions. We discuss these four common acoustical tests and how they can be useful to ensure success of the acoustical aspects of a project. Please fill out the form below to view this webinar recording.