Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

Requirements for Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU

Our world is becoming increasingly connected. More products are behaving like radio equipment and the radio spectrum has become a bigger part of day-to-day life. As such, the European Commission had to review legislation governing radio and telecommunications terminal equipment to effectively manage products.

In 2016, the Commission replaced the R&TTE Directive with the Radio Equipment Directive (RED), which established safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for equipment using the radio spectrum. As of 2017 all new and existing products within the scope of the RED must comply in order to achieve CE marking.

With the emergence of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC, more products are interconnected and behaving like radio equipment. Concern for cybersecurity of these devices has now caused the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) to revise their scope, including Article 3.3, which addresses security of radio interfaces. The change takes effect February 1, 2022. It becomes mandatory August 1, 2024, for all new and existing products which must comply in order to achieve CE marking. Manufacturers should consider testing products to existing standards such as EN 303 645 (Consumer Products) or IEC 62443 (Industrial). As the likely basis for future harmonized standards, aligning and testing products sold in the EU market to these standards will help ensure preparedness for the future harmonized standards and the August 2024 deadline.

Radio Equipment Directive (RED) update with Cybersecurity Requirements

Significant changes under the RED include:

  • The exclusion of telecom terminal equipment (TTE)
  • The addition of cable and wiring equipment
  • New guidance on labeling, marking, documentation, re-badging, and market surveillance.
  • Requirements for software and equipment capable of taking different configurations
  • No voltage limits for radio equipment

The RED also offers greater clarity on requirements and more well-defined compliance responsibilities, providing a smoother testing and certification process.

Intertek assists manufacturers, authorized representatives, importers, and distributors in meeting their obligations under the directive. We provide guidance on RED requirements, as well as comprehensive testing and certification services. Our experience and expertise helps products achieve CE marking and reach the market with speed and efficiency.

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