Catering to the testing needs of the food industry in India

In India today, the entire food industry has evolved into a network of multiple suppliers. As a result, large food brands are finding it increasingly difficult to ensure consistency and quality of the products they source. As your outsourcing partner, we can offer global consistency of method and reporting and help deliver financial benefits through our industry focus and local presence.

The food laboratories of Intertek test processed food, beverages, food additives, agricultural products, food packaging, marine and meat products, fruits and vegetables, and much more. We work to mitigate risk throughout your supply chain and provide high level analytical and research services for clients with demanding requirements.

Food Testing & Analysis

  • Allergen testing
  • Animal feed and pet food solutions
  • Bakery & confectionary solutions
  • Beverage solutions
  • Campylobacter testing
  • Chemical & nutritional testing
  • Dairy solutions
  • Food packaging testing
  • Food residues & contaminant testing
  • Food shelf-life testing
  • Fruits and vegetable solutions
  • GMO testing
  • Honey analysis
  • Honey solutions
  • Hospitality solutions
  • Meat solutions
  • Meat species testing
  • Microbiology testing
  • Nutritional labelling analysis
  • Nutraceutical analysis
  • Nutraceutical solutions
  • Retailer solutions
  • Seafood solutions
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