Catalyzing the growth of the chemicals and pharma industry in India

Chemical and pharmaceutical companies continually face the uphill task of producing consistent quality levels on products to meet required standards and regulatory requirements. Outsourcing to Intertek can help you gain a competitive edge through our expertise in areas covering R&D, manufacturing, and distribution.

We can provide you with quick and knowledgeable solutions that can speed up your market entry and improve your product quality. We also provide chemical and material testing and analytical services to clients through a global network of modern laboratories. Our labs are equipped for testing and analyzing a wide range of fuels and chemicals for pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical device, and drug delivery companies.

  • Extractables & Leachable Studies
  • Method Development & Validations
  • Elemental Analysis as per ICH Q3D
  • Glass Delamination Studies
  • Stability Storage
  • Batch Analysis as per Pharmacopoeia/In-house/Customer Method
  • Dissolution Studies


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