Supporting the petroleum, chemical and cargo industry in India

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Ensuring petroleum quality is a vital requirement for international and national petrochemical companies. Quick and effective detection of impurities that could lead to costly engine failures is crucial in an industry where speed to market is extremely important in helping to win customers. As your global partner, we can provide analytical programs that support every stage of your supply chain.

Intertek helps energy companies improve efficiency along the entire supply chain from oil exploration and transportation to refining, trading, and retail. Our renewable energy support services include biofuel testing and wind turbine inspection. We also provide manpower support and laboratory outsourcing services.

Cargo Services

  • Crude Oil Inspections
  • Petroleum Products Inspections
  • Chemicals Cargo Inspections
  • LNG, LPG
  • Cargo Treatment (Doping of Additives)
  • Marine Cargo Insurance Services (MCI)
  • Government Trading Services Inspections (GTS Inspections)

CAA Services

  • Crude Oil & Petroleum Testing
  • Lube Oil Condition Monitoring
  • Gas Analysis
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Microbiological Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • Laboratory Outsourcing Services
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