This page defines how complaints, appeals and feedback can be made to Intertek India together with information on how a complaint, appeal or feedback is managed by Intertek India.


Complaint: A formal expression of dissatisfaction about Intertek India personnel, services, decisions and/or clients

Feedback: Information received by Intertek India in reaction to a product, a person’s performance or a process which is used as a basis for improvement

Appeal: Formal request by complainant for review of the outcome of a complaint investigation 

Decision: The result of a review/investigation of a complaint or appeal

Responsible Person: Person within Intertek India responsible for managing a complaint

Complaint Procedure


Complaints can be made to Intertek India via email, letter or phone to your Intertek India contact.

When notifying Intertek India of a complaint please supply all details of the complaint and any evidence supporting your complaint.

Upon receipt of your complaint a Responsible Person will be assigned to manage the complaint. They will notify you of receipt of your complaint.

The Responsible Person will manage the complaint through to completion.

Your complaint will be investigated. Once a decision on the complaint is received the Responsible Person will advise you of the decision.

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint investigation and decision you can appeal the complaint decision.

Submission, investigation, and the decision on complaints shall not result in any discrimination against the Complainant by Intertek India.

Appeals Procedure


If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint, appeals can be made to Intertek India by contacting the Responsible Person and provide in writing the following: 

  • The nature of the appeal
  • Evidence to support the appeal 

The Responsible Person will forward the appeal request to Intertek India Technical Services team.

A Technical Services team member will respond in writing acknowledging receipt of your appeal and arrange an independent review of your appeal. The review will include:

  • Interviewing relevant stakeholders
  • Reviewing all relevant documentation
  • Considering information provided by the person making the appeal
  • Considering any other relevant requirements, e.g. standard(s) or scheme requirements 

Once the review is completed, the Technical Services team member will notify you in writing of the outcome of the appeal. Appeal decisions are considered final by Intertek India.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the appeal you have the right to contact the relevant accreditation body.

Submission, investigation and the decision on appeals shall not result in any discrimination against the Appellant by Intertek India.

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