Frequently Asked Questions on UL 1995 4th Edition

1) When must my products conform to UL 1995 / CSA C22.2 #236-11, 4th Edition?
Intertek requires that products must conform to the new 4th edition requirements by February 27, 2015.

2) Is a variable frequency drive (VFD) considered a wave chopping solid-state speed control?
No, a VFD is not considered to be a wave chopping solid-state speed control. Wave chopping controllers utilize TRIACs to chop up AC Sine Waves (example: Light Dimmer).

3) If my product utilizes wave chopping solid state controls, how many motor samples would I be required to be half wave tested?
At a minimum, each motor manufacturer family series will be required to be tested.

4) Are my electric heat limit controls required to break all ungrounded conductors of the electric heat circuit?
No. Limit Controls are used primarily for thermal protection. Contactors and sequence controls used to open electric heat circuits are required to open all ungrounded conductors.

5) Do my chilled water coils now have to be pressure tested per the new clause 34.4?
While it does state a water coil operating at 200°F or less shall withstand a hydrostatic test, Section 34 is designed for refrigerant, hot water, and steam coils only. Chilled water coils do not have to meet clause 34.4 requirements. However, hot water coils operating less than 200°F must now meet these new pressure requirements.

6) My residential condensing unit utilizes a compressor with internal pressure relief (IPR), does the contactor have to be rated for 100,000 endurance cycles as required by clause 34.36?
No, as long as the compressor has a steel shell as indicated in clause 34.32, exception 2. Since the contactor is not provided to comply with clause 34.32, it is not required to have 100,000 endurance cycles per clause 34.36.

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