Crystek - Honey Crystallization Analysis

Honey producers have been attempting to solve the crystallization problem for decades. Honey crystallization is a natural phenomenon where honey turns from liquid state to a semi-solid state.

Honey is a supersaturated solution made up of about 70 percent sugar and less than 20 percent water. With more sugar than the water can dissolve, honey is in a constant flux of states. Crystallization is dependent on the ratio of the two principal sugars found inside: fructose and glucose.

Influencing factors of the crystallization of honey include:

  • Temperature
  • Outside elements such as pollen, dust particles, and beeswax
  • Size and shape of packaging

Intertek has developed Crystek, a process to evaluate the composition and production of honey, thus predicting and preventing crystallization. In addition to renting the Crystek instrument, we also offer a Crystek service, which includes the following tests:

  • Detection of crystallization tendency: Analyzing the glucose/fructose/water ratio and the identification of crystallization
  • Determination of starter germs: Identifying pollen, or other unknown organic substance
  • Material composition and its effect on crystallization: Honey profiling or other testing
  • Accelerated honey crystallization test: The storage of products under accelerated conditions for 14 calendar days

Intertek also offers following onsite actions:

  • Review of production documents
  • Preliminary discussion on-site
  • Onsite production tour
  • Control of single machine parts
  • Overview of possible risks on-site
  • Overview of recommendation to set up improvements to increase the starting point

Intertek is one of the world-leading experts in the analysis of honey and hive products and offers a comprehensive service solution to the food industry, providing customers with a tailored service, with practical advice and fast, reliable test results.

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