Allergen Screening for Personal Care Products

Allergen screening testing for cosmetics and personal care products.

Intertek provides an allergen screening service for perfume and fragrances employing recognized analytical test methods such as using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS).

Recently, our experts announced a unique 57 allergen screening service using an advanced GC-MS/MS approach to identify and quantify 57 volatile compounds suspected to be allergens in fragrances and raw materials used in cosmetic products. Learn more here.

Supporting your safe cosmetic development
An allergic reaction to a cosmetic or to the topical application of other chemical substances and formulations onto the skin can manifest as an obvious inflammatory response. Contact allergens tend to be low molecular weight and are capable of forming covalent bonds with carrier proteins in the skin. Although the majority of potential allergens in personal care or cosmetic products have a low intrinsic potential for sensitisation, there are some important exceptions which mean that robust screening of allergens is key to a successful product launch. 

Bringing quality and safety to life, our team aim to help you too lower the risk of producing products which have potential to induce an adverse response. Our Total Quality Assurance expertise includes regulatory assurance, laboratory testing and robust clinical testing. We  design testing programs or clinical investigations exactly to help you meet the needs of regulatory compliance and accelerate the development of your safe and differentiated products.

Need help or have a question? +33 (0) 385 99 12 80

Need help or have a question?

+33 (0) 385 99 12 80
+33 (0) 385 99 12 80