Allergen Screening for Personal Care Products

Allergen screening testing for cosmetics and personal care products.

Intertek provides an allergen screening service for perfume and fragrances employing recognized analytical test methods such as using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry.

An allergic reaction to a cosmetic or to the topical application of other chemical substances and formulations onto the skin can manifest as an obvious inflammatory response. Although most potential allergens on the consumer and industrial market have a low intrinsic potential for sensitisation, there are some important exceptions for example some preservatives.

Some allergens can be thought of as 'ubiquitous' e.g. formaldehyde and other preservatives. Contact allergens tend to be low molecular weight and are capable of forming covalent bonds with carrier proteins in the skin.

To lower the risk of inducing an adverse response it is vital to carry out screening of any a new personal are product or products that are suspected to contain allergen contaminants. Typical products Intertek works with include deodorant, toothpaste, cream and lotion, shampoo and conditioners and more.

The allergen screening test is performed using GC-MS together with relevant standards.

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