Human and Bovine Hard Tissue Sample Preparation

Human and bovine hard tissue sample preparation and production of enamel and dentine blocks or discs for use in oral care product or dental product in vitro laboratory studies

Human or bovine hard tissue samples, prepared from teeth to precise specifications in terms of size, shape and finish for use in laboratory in vitro or in situ testing to support product development and claim support for novel oral care or dental products.

Our team of scientists can produce human or bovine enamel and dentine samples in a variety of shapes, sizes and different finishes. Blocks and discs can typically be made for in vitro models and in situ clinical studies using our range of diamond abraders, wafering saws, diamond wire saws, drills and polishing machines. They can also be lapped planar-parallel using our Logitech PM5 for use in surface microhardness studies. These can be supplied direct to meet the requirements of your in house studies or be used by our Intertek team of in vitro scientists in further in vitro or in situ testing to generate claims support for new dentifrice products.

Enamel and dentine blocks can be made as small as 2mm square or as large as 10mm square depending on whether human or bovine specimens are required. They can be supplied individually or alternatively can be set into resin discs or blocks to make them easier to handle. Examples are bovine enamel blocks set into the bases of plastic cuvettes for use in staining and pellicle cleaning ratio (PCR) tests. For in situ studies blocks can be prepared to fit dental appliances that contain up to eight specimens at a time.

For tubule blockage experiments, dentine discs can be made with dentine tubules perpendicular to the surface. We can also produce blocks which expose the enamel/dentine interface.

For remineralisation studies we can use our diamond-wire saw to prepare thin sections of enamel 300 microns or less, hand-polished to your desired finish and mounted ready for micro-radiography.

For over 18 years our Clinical Research Services group has been a trusted partner for developers and manufacturers of oral care products. With Total Quality Assurance, we provide a one source solution for all your in vitro studies providing robust data to support the product development and claim support for novel treatments.

Intertek Clinical Research Services (CRS) has a dedicated in vitro laboratory which conducts testing of all aspects of Oral Care products. We are particularly adept in designing bespoke in vitro models to cater for your specific requirements. Intertek Clinical Research Services is licensed to handle and store human tissue under the Human Tissue Act 2004 and follows the principles outlined within the act as well as complying with local ethical guidelines.
Our team of laboratory scientists have a combined experience of over 30 years of testing oral care products and between them have degrees/PhD/MSc in Dentistry, Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Biological Sciences. They have also contributed to a variety of scientific papers in collaboration with many well-known clients and have presented posters at international scientific conferences.

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