Standard: TAS 125 – Standard Requirements for Metal Roofing Systems

Scope: This Protocol covers the testing requirements for structural and non-structural (architectural) metal roofing systems and the approval process for all systems, which have successfully met the testing criteria

Applicable Products: Metal roofing systems

Test Procedure for Non-Structural Roofing Systems: The specimen is subjected to several static and oscillating pressures contained in Classes and Phases, with each successive Class introducing greater pressures. Once the specimen passes all three classes (30, 60 and 90) it is subjected to ramp loads by starting at a total uplift of -112psf and incrementally raising the uplift static pressure of the specimen by 15psf (0.72kPa) and holding for 1 minute until failure.

Test Procedure for Structural Roofing Systems: A load deflection curve is determined by running increasing pressures in at least 6 increments held for a duration of 1 minute. After each test load, the pressure is brought back to zero to determine what, if any, permanent deformation was incurred in the system.

End Result: For both structural and non-structural roofing systems the ultimate pressure for each system is determined by the highest load held for the required amount of time. The design pressure for the system is then determined by applying a safety factor to the ultimate pressure (most building codes have a safety factor of 2 for roofing systems which means the design pressure is half of the ultimate pressure achieved). A comprehensive test report will be issued at the end of the conclusion of testing.

Special Notes: For both structural and non-structural roof systems three specimens of each roofing system are required for high velocity hurricane zones, two specimens with field clip/fastener spacing and one specimen with corner/perimeter spacing. The average of the two field specimens are used to determine the field design pressure.

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