Standard: TAS 104 – Test Procedure for Nail-on Underlayment for use in Tile Roof Systems

Scope: The standard covers procedures for testing mechanically attached, prefabricated, polymer modified bituminous, and solid thermoplastic sheet roofing materials intended for use as underlayment in Tile Roof Systems

Applicable Products: Mechanically Attached Roofing Underlayments

Test Procedure: Thickness, Dimensional Stability, Tear Resistance, Breaking Strength and Elongation, Low Temperature Flexibility, Ultraviolet Resistance, Accelerated Aging, Cyclic Elongation, Water Vapor Transmission, Puncture Resistance, Tile Slippage Resistance, Granule Adhesion (if applicable), Tensile Adhesion, and Accelerated Weathering.

End Result: A comprehensive sealed test report is issued at the completion of the testing. Mechanically attached underlayments meeting the requirements of TAS 104 may be used in Discontinuous Roof Systems in High-Velocity Hurricane Zones.

Intertek Testing Locations: Coquitlam, BC; York, PA


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