Standard: TAS 100A – Standard Test Procedure for Wind and Wind Driven Rain Resistance and/or Increased Windspeed Resistance of Soffit Ventilation Strip and Continuous or Intermittent Ventilation System Installed at the Ridge Area

Scope: This Protocol covers the determination of the water infiltration resistance of a continuous or intermittent ridge area ventilation system (i.e. ridge vents, static vents, turbines or powered vents) installed on a test buck consisting of an underlayment, prepared roof covering, the soffit ventilation, and the ridge area ventilation system

Applicable Products: Continuous or intermittent ridge area ventilation system or unit

Test Procedure: A water spray rack is used to spray water on the specimen at a rate of 8.8 in/hr at the same time a wind generator is used to generate wind speeds of 35 mph, 70 mph, 90 mph and 110 mph for specified intervals with 5 minute periods of rest after each interval.

End Result: Verification that the system provides sufficient wind driven rain resistance to allow infiltration of less than 0.05% of the total water sprayed through the ridge area ventilation system or ventilation unit. A comprehensive test report will be issued at the end of the conclusion of testing.

Intertek Testing Locations: Coquitlam, BC; York, PA; Plano, TX


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